Paw Aura

Paws Aura Lovely Thing

This is Our Story

     All dogs have paws and when you think of auras you think of things that are heavenly or angelic. Doggies are our best friends! There’s no doubt that they will always be loyal. So our logo has a paw with an aura around it to symbolize the selflessness of our four-legged friends.

     I started Paw Aura as a full-time business to create an opportunity for myself to work from home and play with my dogs. While living abroad in Korea for 4 years I visited my home each vacation and my dogs were always waiting for me! So I decided to spend more time with them.

     Paw Aura’s first product is a no pull reflective dog harness. It’s very humane and comfortable for dogs to wear. I don’t like the idea of pulling a leash and pulling on a dog’s neck. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

     As a dog owner myself, I want Paw Aura to provide the best experience possible for your dogs. I’ve done extensive research on manufacturers and have found an awesome manufacturer that provides premium products worldwide. As we continue this journey together, I hope to find additional products that I know our dogs will love! -Gershom, Paw Aura Owner

Paw Aura family

Chester: Yorkshire Terrier Pebbles: Maltese

Shyloe, Zoey, Coco, and Bandit: Morkies circa 2010! <3

  • Durability: 600 Denier Polyester Nylon 100%
  • Comfort: Sponge-filled harness with Velvet lining 100%
  • Safety: Reflective threading for nightly activities 100%
  • Doggy Happiness 100%