Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Paw Aura.

Why should I buy a dog harness?
Dog harnesses are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional leashes and collars. There are so many reasons why you’ll want to buy one! One of the main reasons for buying a harness is that it’s a more comfortable experience for you the owner and your pet! Changing the placement of the leash gives you much better control of your dog. It is much more humane to use a harness because there is no pressure on your dog’s neck. No painful choking or irritation from pulling. As a Yorkie, Maltese, and Morkie owner I want to be very gentle with my dogs as they are pretty small!
Are harnesses just training tools?
As a training tool, a harness can teach dogs not to pull. They are so much more though! Throughout the life of a dog, a harness can be used even after training for easier management on walks or in competitive environments like dog shows.
Does a dog used to collars and leashes have to be restrained for a harness?

Not in most cases. Most dogs will see a harness as a different invitation to go for a walk. If a dog resists or tries to remove the harness, this may mean that you have to adjust the fitting. Most dogs will accept a harness as long as they’re comfortable. Be sure to size your dog properly!

Can harnesses be escaped?
A dog under supervision will have a difficult time escaping a harness that is properly fitted. A clever dog could chew through some portions on the chest of some other harnesses. However, not all harnesses are easy to chew on or in a good position for a dog to gnaw on them.
Can a dog harness handle dogs that are large breeds ?
Yes they can! A no pull dog harness is actually far more effective at controlling large breeds than a collar and leash combo. A dog that tries to pull hard on a harness won’t choke itself. When the leash goes slack, the dog’s strength will lift itself up from the abdomen so that its front legs can no longer get traction. Rest assured, a dog harness is the perfect choice for a large breed dog!
What materials are used in the Paw Aura No Pull Reflective Harness?

1. Our harnesses are made of high-quality super strong 600D Oxford fabric, 100% polyester, filled with a spongy material for your dog’s comfort.

2. Quality welded heavy duty stitched D-rings for maximum durability.

3. Quick release buckles that are convenient to put on or take off your dog.

4. Handle in the middle of the harness to facilitate the moving of your pet.

5. Adjustable straps around the neck and chest for maximum comfort and proper fitting.

6. Reflective threads in the nylon webbings to ensure that you’re dog is seen at night.


What colors and sizes are available??

We currently have red and black as our color choices. Medium and X-Large are the current sizes that we have available. In the future as our store grows we may offer additional sizes and colors depending on consumer demand.


What size is appropriate for my dog?

Please refer to the sizing chart below:

Paw Aura Dog Harness Instructions

Paw Aura Dog Harness Instructions


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