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Here you can see all of our listings on Amazon! There is also a link to help you save on Dog and Cat Supplies. Be sure to check out "Coco", my Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier Mix sporting our Paw Aura No Pull Reflective Dog Harness! Isn't he cute?! Team Morkies!! ^_^

Why choose a No Pull Reflective Dog Harness?

     Besides style and comfort there are some major benefits to using a no pull reflective dog harness. First and foremost is the elimination of neck and windpipe injuries. With other types of restraints like a leash and collar combination there is pressure applied to a dog’s neck to make it “conform”. I don’t believe that is the proper and humane way to treat a dog. A dog deserves your love and respect!

     Our harness is also reflective with 3M reflective threading. This allows you to take walks at night with confidence that your dog can easily be seen!

Now you may be asking, “Why should I choose a PAW AURA no pull reflective harness?”

     The answer is simple. I believe in the quality of our product. Our manufacturer has been in business for 5 years and has conducted $20,000+ in business within the last 6 months with a 200,000 piece per month capability. They have been inspected by third party inspectors that conducted supplier assessments to ensure quality control measures are strictly adhered to. They are also eco-friendly!

     We would never recommend a product that we wouldn’t use on our own dogs. As a fellow dog lover I hope that you’ll enjoy using our product and I hope your doggy does too!

Very Respectfully,
Gershom, Paw Aura Owner


Energy, passion and action:

 Red is an energizing color that signifies a pioneering spirit and determination. The color of physical movement, red will draw attention to your dog with its warm and positive color. Stylish in every way, red is always a good choice!

Formal, dignified, and sophisticated:

While not as flashy as red, a black harness is the color of sophistication. Your dog will catch the attention of any passerby with a stylish harness that represents dignity and classiness!