Almost there!


MARCH, 2016

Thinking of the future

The wait is almost over!

After months of planning and sleepless nights my Amazon FBA business will be online within 1-2 weeks! Pretty excited to see how it turns out! Stay tuned!

Paw Aura Insert

Pebble’s 6th Birthday!

After coming back from 4 years of living abroad teaching English in South Korea I was confused on what to do. I studied Web Development, Digital Marketing, Cinematography, video editing, etc. With the job market being pretty crazy I decided to open an online business. As a kid, I never expected to become a business owner.

“As a kid, I never expected to become a business owner.”

As a kid, my life consisted of playing video games and studying. Owning a “business” was something that “adults” do. Fast forward and I became an adult and had to worry about adult things. Friends suggested that I start an online business. While playing with my dogs I realized that owning a pet store would be an awesome way to make a living! So I took a course on Udemy about Amazon FBA. It seemed easy enough! Then when I actually jumped into it I experienced a few hurdles. I had to figure out a way to make inserts, hangtags, make a logo, etc.

I recommend going to to get materials for your business.

It’s Me!

Yes…it’s a selfie (^_^)^ 

Starting an online business will allow me to use all of the knowledge that I acquired since I’ve been back from Korea. Web development to create this website, cinematography to make commercials in the future, etc. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my journey to become an online business owner! Maybe someday I can just play with my dogs all day and have fun with them!